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Wilton's Fitness & Wellness

Your Health, Your Fitness, Your Wellness

Welcome to Wilton's Fitness & Wellness, A place where your health, fitness, and wellness, is a main priority.

I Help you achieve optimal health, fitness, and wellness through lifestyle modifications that lead to a healthier and better-quality life.


Nutrition and Health Coaching

" People don't just need and exercise program or diet plan. They need an expert who can guide and empower them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to make meaningful and lasting changes."  
weight loss client

Need a customized workout plan that will get you results? A workout that can do at home or at the gym, a custom designed fitness and wellness program workout based on your goals?  


Need help with motivation and accountability.  Need a coach to help you stay track keep progressing?

Fitness workouts


"Wilton gave me the motivation I needed to accomplish my goals. He was knowledgeable and eager to help me stay positive to reach my goals. His combination of exercises, cardio along with resistance really built up my strength and toned my muscles, so that I looked lean and not bulky. With this newfound confidence and great looking body, my life has changed and I want to Thank, Wilton. It is because of him I’m a new person."

Tiawannia Coley

"Wilton has been instrumental in helping me become an all around healthier person. He always keeps me motivated during my workouts so I don't short change myself. His watchful eye helps keep me from making mistakes. His extensive knowledge of physiology and nutrition have been invaluable in transforming my physical appearance and ideas about a healthy lifestyle."


Joanne Bland

Great instructor! I wouldn't be playing college football if it wasn't for Wilton McCallum. He's someone I can look up to & talk to whenever I need a little guidance! Everyone needs someone like him in their lives.

DeJohn Whitted

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