Online Personal Training


Finally, An affordable structured exercise program designed specifically for your body type and no one else.


An exercise program based on your goals and built by Certified Personal Trainer. A program that will get you guaranteed results if followed


An exercise program you can take anywhere.


  •  Are you sick tired of trying to figure out what to do when it comes to an exercise program?


  • Do you need an exercise routine for the gym?


  • Do you prefer working out at home and need a routine that will get results, yet you don't have  a lot of equipment?


  • Need a new exercise program because your current routine is just not delivering results?


  • Do you want the help of a personal trainer… but your busy schedule does not allow you the convenience of meeting with a trainer 1-on-1 with a trainer?

If any of the above statements sound familiar or apply to you... then my online Personal Training and Coaching may be for you.

When you invest in Online Personal Training I’ll be your Trainer.


As Your Personal Trainer, we may not meet physically but, I’ll be with you on your journey to transformation.


I will deliver to you, a custom, cutting-edge exercise program with the support you need to be successful. 


With my Online Training system, you will receive the same expert coaching, advice, guidance, and quality of service, as my 1-on-1 Personal Training clients. 


We'll work together and make your goals happen.  


Your program will be truly personal and I’ll be helping you every step of the way. I’ll be monitoring your progress, encouraging you, and helping you stayfocused and on track.


Here's How It Works

With my online training you to receive the same quality of service and benefits as my one-on-one personal training clients at a very affordable price. You will receive a comprehensive fitness program based on your goals, level of fitness, experience, availability of equipment, time constraints, lifestyle, etc.

I'll build a customized workout plan for you. A workout that you can do at home or at the gym. You make the choice.


I review your progress as you workout and train.


I help you stay motivated and give you the accountability you need keep progressing.


You’ll follow your workout with guiding videos and instructions on the mobile App.   


I monitor your progress thru the app and by other communication. I make any adjustments as necessary to keep you progressing. 


If you do not consider yourself a tech savvy person no problem. If you have an email account I have just the plan for you. We'll make it happen.


Here's What You Get

  • You will receive two personalize workouts every 4 weeks based on your level of fitness, your workout experience level, availability of equipment, time constraints, and life style, and goals.


  • Your program elements can consist of any of the following: strength training, cardiovascular programming, core and flexibility programming, and corrective exercise where needed. Your program is designed from scratch, no magazine routines or one size fit all routines here. A workout program crafted just for your body and health needs.


  • Your program can be designed around and an old injury or any back, knee, or shoulder problems you may have. Many times corrective exercises may solve problems of pain and fix mobility issues because many of these problems result from musculoskeletal imbalances if one has not been involved in some type of traumatic physical injury. 


  • Exercises have videos showing proper form. 


  • You'll have personal two-way personal communication with me for monitoring progress and offering encouragement and accountability.


There you have it. An exercise program created just for you. A program to meet your persoanal exercise and health goals. A program created by an experienced health and fitness professional with 20 years of experience.


Now, If from what your've read thus far resonates with you, you know that this is what you need, it can work for you, go ahead and select the option that works best for you to get started now

1 Month 

One payment of $149.00

3 Months 

One payment of  $291.00

6 Months

One payment of $524.00

Now if you're still on the fence and need  a little more information about the program. If this is you, please fill out the form below.   Once I have your information, I’ll reach out to you and schedule a free discovery meeting and I'll address any questions you may have. 


And, no pressure, If at the end of our talk we both feel like we're a good fit, we can start working together to get you the results you want. And, at the end of our talk, we decide that that my program not a good fit for you, that' ok too.  

Thank You for considering Wilton's Fit & Wellness

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