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Now that cold season has arrived check out these cold facts. It is a common myth that you can catch cold from getting your feet wet or sitting in a drafty room. This is false; you catch a cold from a virus. It’s likely caused by one of more than 200 cold viruses. Our bodies can work immunity against each one only after exposure, so it's practically impossible to become immune to colds. Colds can be transmitted through handshakes and can lurk on doorknobs and counter. There is no cure for the common cold because it is a virus.

Infants and preschool children are more susceptible to colds because they haven't yet developed an immune system to most of the viruses that cause colds. They also tend to spend lots of time with other children and aren't always careful about washing their hands or covering their mouths when they cough and sneeze. Here are some things you can do prevent cold or lessen your discomfort if you have caught one.

Wash your hands

Wash your hand thoroughly and often, especially during cold season in the fall and winter. Teach your children the importance of hand washing. Also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer when soap and water aren't available. These gels kill most germs, and are safe for older children to use. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Move away from people who are coughing and sneezing.

Get some rest and relaxation

If you do catch a cold be sure to get lots extra rest. Relaxing enables you to put all your energy in to getting well. It can also help your avoid complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. Take a day or two off from work if you're feeling really bad. Control your stress levels.

Keep Warm keep bundled up against the cold, this keep your immune system cozily focused on fighting your cold infections instead of displacing energy to protect you from the cold.

Load up on liquids. Drink six to eight glasses of water, juice, tea, and other mostly clear liquids daily, this will replace important fluids lost during a cold and help flush out impurities that may be preying on your system.

Sip on chicken soup

Chicken soup a long-time folk remedy is a proven remedy for colds. Scientists have discovered chicken that soup helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. A cup of hot chicken soup can also help unclog your nasal passages.

Keep plenty of vitamin C on hand.

Take plenty of Vitamin C, It works in the body as a scavenger picking all sorts of trash including virus trash. It can shorten the length of a cold from seven days to three day.

Sooth your throat If you have a sore throat try gargling with salt water a few times a day. Drinking warm lemon water with honey may also help soothe a sore throat and relieve a cough.

When to call the doctor

Take an aspirin substitute for aches and fever. (Follow the product instructions).

Call a doctor if you have a fever of 100 degrees or higher and facial swelling and /or severe pain in the ears you may have an ear infection. If your cold last more than 10 days, or has gotten steadily worse. If your throat begins to hurt severely and your tonsils or throat have a white or yellow coating; you may have tonsillitis or strep throat. If you have a severe cough with thick, discolored mucus, and a cough that last more than ten days you may have pneumonia. Make an appointment with a doctor.

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