I am so excited that you have taken the first step toward improving your health and fitness through my online Personal training system.    


Making an investing in your health is always a great decision. Thank you for entrusting me to guide you thru this process. I don’t take it for granted. It means the world to me.  Please know that I will do everything I can within my power in helping your achievement success. 

Now, with that being said… I hope you are excited as I am because this is going to be an awesome journey. I look forward to helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself in the up coming weeks.  I know you will you make awesome progress.


So, let’s get started.  

1. Your Program starts when your program is delivered to you. 

2.  Please click on the forms link. When you arrive at the Forms page please go ahead       and fill them out so  I can begin to start the process in designing your program.  I         cannot fully proceed until I get this information.

3.  Down complete the assessment and send me the results.

4.  Please download and review the new client handbook.

5. If you have any questions shoot me an email at

6. Please bookmark this page in case your may need to return to it. 

I will be talking to you soon.

Wilton McCallum, 3809 Harden Road, Hope Mills NC 28348, (910) 476-2042


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