Finally, An affordable structured exercise program…. designed specifically for your body type and no one else. An exercise program you can take anywhere. A program monitored by a Certified Personal Trainer.  A program that will get you guaranteed results if followed.

  • Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out what to do when it comes to your exercise program? ​​​

  • Do you need an exercise routine for the gym?

  •  Do you prefer working out at home and need a routine that will get results? 


  • Tired of the treadmill, and elliptical machines, and not a fan of group exercise at your gym and want something different? 


  • Need a new exercise routine because your current exercise routine is not delivering results?


  • Would you like the help of a Personal Trainer… but your busy schedule does not allow you the convenience of meeting with a trainer 1-on-1? 


  • Time is an important variable in life. Prime workout hours for trainers are in the mornings and evenings, just before work and immediately after work. Chances are the trainer will be

      booked.  Maybe you do have time for a trainer but he doesn’t have time for you.  Scheduling       issue will arise.  A benefit of online coaching is you and I won't have to work around each           other’s schedules. You can workout when you want and still benefit from the help of a                 certified trainer.   Because this is my passion you’ll always have a support and accountability 



  • Would you love the help of a Personal Trainer, but at the moment you are not in a position to invest in 1-on-1 personal training. I can understand, I’m a Personal Trainer.  Investing in Personal  Training can get expensive. In addition to having to pay for the trainers 1-on-1 time, you also have to pay gym fees to cover the gym overhead.   Your investment can run into the hundreds of dollars a week or month.  

So, if any of the above statements sound familiar or apply to you... then my online Personal Training and Coaching may be for you. 

Hi, I Wilton McCallum. When you invest in Online Personal Training I’ll be your Trainer.  I've been a Fitness professional for 19 years. Please check out my Bio here....

As your Personal Trainer and Coach, we may not meet physically but, I’ll be with you on your journey to transformation. I will deliver to you a custom, cutting edge exercise program with the support you need to be successful.  With my Online Training system, you will receive the same expert coaching, advice, guidance, and quality of service, as my 1-on-1 Personal Training clients.  We'll work together and make your goals happen.  Your program will be truly personal and I’ll be here helping you every step of the way. I’ll be monitoring your progress, encouraging you, and help you stay focused and on track.                  

Here's How It Works

 You will receive a comprehensive fitness program based on your level of fitness, goals, experience, availability of equipment, time constraints, lifestyle, etc.

I build a customized workout plan for you. A work you can do at home or at the gym. You decide where you want to workout and I custom design your workout based on your goals.  I review your progress as you complete your training. I help you stay motivated and give you the accountability you need to keep progressing.

Your workout includes guiding videos with instructions on how to properly perform the exercises.   As you make progress I adjust your workouts as necessary to keep you progressing.

If you do not consider yourself a tech-savvy person, no problem. If you have an email account I have just the plan for you. We make it happen. 

Here are few of the basics that are included

  • You will receive 2 personalize workout programs every 4 weeks based on your level of fitness, your workout experience level, availability of equipment, time constraints, and lifestyle, and goals.

  • Your program elements can consist of any of the following: strength training, cardiovascular programming, core and flexibility programming, and corrective exercise where needed. Your program is designed from scratch, no magazine routines or one size fit all routines here. A workout program crafted just for your body and health needs.

  • Your program can be designed around and any old injuries such as a back, knee, or shoulder problem you may have. Many times corrective exercises may solve problems of pain and fix mobility issues. Many of these problems result from musculoskeletal imbalances if one has not been involved in some type of traumatic physical injury. 

  • All exercises have video links showing proper form. 


  • You'll have personal two-way personal communication with me for monitoring progress and offering encouragement and accountability.

  • To ensure you get results and stay on track, you also receive nutritional guidance to ensure your success.